A STEP change?

Allen Weidman, InfoComm’s sustainability officer and executive director of the STEP Foundation, sets out what the STEP programme can do for proAV.

Chances are you’ve heard of the STEP program, but outside the USA awareness of what it is remains low. Allen Weidman wants to change this as he believes it represents the pro AV industry’s best chance of capitalising on the increasing demand from major enterprises to adopt sustainable business practice and processes. 
“Sustainability is good for business, but only if business is involved in the process.” states Weidman in his interview in the April edition of InAVate.
Read the full story to learn how Weidman envisages how the STEP programme will work, and also who the major stake holders are that you need to get on board to deliver a truly sustainable building via series of readily achievable steps, and easy to adopt processes.
You can find the article HERE in the April edition of InAVate’s ActiveMagazine.

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