Zoo spreads conservation message with BrightSign

Bristol Zoo Gardens has implemented a digital signage network throughout its premises to deliver messages about wildlife, conservation and upcoming events. Audionation-UK handled the installation and used BrighSign HD110 controllers to drive the Zoo’s ten digital signs.

Founded in 1836, Bristol Zoo is the fifth oldest zoo in the world and is recognised nationally for the conservation and education work it does.

“Bristol Zoo wanted to replace their light boxes with digital displays that give visitors an entertaining zoo experience that makes their messages more memorable,” explained Andy Phillips, technical sales and director at Audionation. “They needed a reliable signage solution that their marketing and education departments could manage and update without requiring the assistance of an IT person or special training.”

“We’re working to protect the world’s environments, plants and animals,” said Simon Garrett, head of learning at Bristol Zoo. “An important part of our work is to communicate with a wider audience in order to build awareness and engage more people in helping to save these vital assets. Our new digital signage allows us to provide timely communications that are more entertaining than static displays, meaning the messages are more memorable.”

Bristol Zoo has already replaced 10 lightboxes with BrightSign-driven digital displays and will soon have 11. It also plans to continue expanding the digital signage program.

Currently, the project includes six displays in the Aquarium promoting conservation awareness with video, images and text on topics such as “Saving Our Seas”, “Meet the Keeper” and a video alerting visitors to the link between seafood choices and marine conservation. Two displays are also in the Zoo’s Bug World exhibit area and two additional displays are in the Zoo restaurant.

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