World War II memorial upgrades sound for anniversary

Poklonnaya Gora, a World War II memorial in Moscow, has updated a speech only sound system with One Systems’ direct weather loudspeakers. Twenty 212IM-100 volt speakers are mounted on existing poles throughout the complex.

With the 65th Anniversary of the end of World War II fast approaching, Poklonnaya Gora’s curators began looking into an upgrade of their current system. After enduring their original system for more than ten years, they realised this was desperately needed before the special anniversary commemorations began this year. Avallon of Moscow was contracted for the new sound system installation.

The memorial includes a museum, a mile-long walkway, rides, fountains, restaurants and cafes. The area also includes a military theme park where children can explore World War II tanks and other equipment, giving them an insight to the period.

Moscow’s weather features frequent thunderstorms in the summer and heavy snowfall in the winter. Avallon knew that weatherproofing was needed for this installation to be successful. “Our goal was to provide high intelligibility full-bandwidth audio throughout the park, with a system that could withstand the elements on a day in and day out basis,” said Sergey Vashchenko of Avallon.

The installation called for 20 One Systems 212IM-100 volt loudspeakers. Vashchenko adds, “The speakers are mounted on existing poles throughout the complex, which was a challenge because the power amplifiers are located a good distance from each speaker. This limited us to wiring above ground to the poles.”

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