Watching the yellow line

The Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil has installed a 24m² Barco video wall in a new control centre. Metro staff handle all security and monitoring of the Line 4, also known as the yellow line, from the new centre.

São Paulo's most recent metro line, Line 4, uses unprecedented subway system technologies and is thus the most innovating metro line in Latin America. It incorporates driverless technology, glass partitions separating the platform from the tracks and a control centre. Its first two stations opened in May 2010 and when finalised, Line 4 will be about 13 km long, have 11 stations and will transport almost one million people every day.

Line 4’s operation control centre is equipped with a Barco OV-708 overview wall in a nine by two curved setup. The overview wall allows operators to visualise all security and monitoring footage from the platforms, stations and trains in real-time.

Siemens was responsible for the project and implementation of the operational control room. Eduardo Yamaoka from Siemens said: “We chose a Barco overview wall because their visualisation technology can be totally integrated into our applications. The overview wall visualises all operations 24/7 and gives operators the opportunity to access and manipulate data in a large viewing area, hereby ensuring maximum safety for users of the subway.”

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