Virtual office platform offers more ‘human’ hybrid experience

Absurd:joy has announced the development of its collaboration tool, Tangled! which aims to make virtual working humanising and engaging.

The era of remote working has been plagued by new, previously undiscovered effects such as videocall exhaustion and feelings of isolation. 

Tangle! users inhabit their own ‘room’, which team members can drop in to to talk or collaborate, with quick access for meetings via a ‘one click’ feature. 

To counter videocall fatigue, camera-based AR can be used to generate avatars with an additional ‘private office’ feature to temporarily close off collaborative features. 

Users will be able to collaborate on platforms such as Google docs and other platforms in real time. 

Tangle! is currently in beta, with plans to launch in early 2022, with work ongoing to develop a redesigned visual and user interface experience and continued beta testing. 

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