Videowall recruits football players

CubeX Video has provided a 3x3 HD LCD video wall for the newly renovated Memorial Stadium at the University of Illinois in Champaign. The university's football program uses the video wall, installed in the recruiting lounge at the stadium's north end, to show student-athletes football highlights, information about the facilities and academic offerings available at the university, and live video from football games around the NCAA.

"Our new recruiting lounge is like a resume for Illinois football," said Adrian Melendez, director of football operations at the University of Illinois. "While many of the historical displays on the walls will stay the same, we use the CubeX video wall to provide updated football highlights and current information about the university. The CubeX video wall represents a significant improvement over our old projector system, making it easy for us to go from full-screen to multiscreen format and giving us the flexibility to display multiple visual elements at once."

Memorial Stadium represents a long and distinguished tradition of football at the University of Illinois, and multimillion-dollar renovations completed in 2008 build on that tradition while providing the program and its players with the advanced technologies that have become a part of the game. As a recruiting tool for the Fighting Illini football program, the CubeX video wall is an attractive turnkey solution for versatile display of highlights video, game footage, graphics, school logos, live television feeds, and PowerPoint presentations. The video wall accepts up to six SD or HD (1920x1080) inputs and is currently fed by three HD cable receivers, a Blu-ray player, and two computers with DVI outputs.

The nine 46-inch LCD screens that make up the 3x3 CubeX video wall feature perfect 178-degree viewing angles and are uniformly brightness- and colour-calibrated to ensure perfect panel-to-panel colour matching. An ultra-thin half-inch bezel on each panel further enhances the impact of dynamic HD video displayed over multiple panels or the entire video wall. The integrated video wall processing system simplifies control and configuration — supporting multiple presets for different layouts and sources — while providing valuable functionality such as automatic gap compensation when needed.

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