Upgraded infrastructure at MCEC

In order to accommodate the increasing demand for BYOD but its customers, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre decided to upgrade to fully digital infrastructure.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) located in Victoria, Australia is a venue for international and national conferences and exhibitions. It plays an important role in Melbourne’s corporate and business spheres as a location for gatherings and meetings. Covering 66,333 square metres in area, the venue has a multi-functional Plenary and 52 meeting rooms that accommodate over 1,000 events each year. To help it fulfill its functions, the MCEC is fitted with modern professional AV solutions.

Australian integrator Rutledge AV recently upgraded the infrastructure at the MCEC. The project started in January 2014 and was completed in February 2015. Graeme Howlett, senior project manager at Rutledge AV, says: “The upgrade of this project was for the infrastructure backbone of the MCEC from analogue to digital. With an AUD 3,000,000 investment (approximately USD 2.3 million), MCEC worked closely with Rutledge AV and AMX to upgrade the digital signal path from the previous copper based analogue system.”

Michael Walker, infrastructure and equipment manager at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, states that the venue is always looking to improve its facilities: “Since the Convention Centre opened in 2009, MCEC has invested in excess of AUD15 million into technology infrastructure and the AUD3 million digital signal project is part of MCEC’s commitment to spending more than AUD10 million over the next five years to meet the needs of its customers.”

He notes the importance of improving the infrastructure and says: “MCEC is the first centre in the Asia-Pacific to invest in a digital vision signal pathway across the venue in response to the rise of bring-your-own-device technology and to offer customers an even greater visual experience. Upgrading our signal path from analogue to digital means customers can simply connect their portable devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, and experience pixel perfect vision projected to MCEC’s screens and recording devices.”

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