UK startup raises £11 million for ‘holographic’ breakthrough

UK startup VividQ has announced that it has secured £11 million in funding to develop 3D, ‘holographic’ displays without the need for glasses, with plans to unveil a new holographic heads up display (HUD) demo by the end of 2021.

VividQ has previously focused on rendering holograms on legacy screens, with the new investment allowing the company to expand its teams and to scale operations in the US and APAC region. The funding will also be used to intensify adoptioin of VividQ’s products for CPU-generated ‘holography, demonstrating a ‘holographic’ HUD demo, automotive OEMs and a new AR headset concept with improved image quality in user experience.

The company will also unveil its ‘HoloLCD’ in 2022, a laptop scale holographic display which uses standard LCD panels with VividQ technology to provide a glasses-less 3D experience

Darran Milne, co-found and CEO, VividQ, explained: “Scenes we know from films, from Iron Man to Star Trek, are becoming closer to reality than ever. Our team has taken the technology that used to require immense amounts of computing power and found solutions to implement Computer-Generated Holography across consumer electronics. This new investment allows us to complete the next, critical phase of implementation projects and supports further innovation efforts to bring holography to new display applications. We’re incredibly excited to see what’s next with our customers.”

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