Timico installs eyevis videowall

Timico, a data centre and web hosting company, has installed a six by two eyevis Ultra super narrow bezel LCD wall with Eyevis video wall controller and Eyevis brackets.

“We are using the NPX4800 from eyevis to do the processing behind the videowall which is 12x 55” screens with a narrow bezel (5.7mm between screens),” said Michael Goodinson, group internal IT engineer, at Timico. 

Fibre DVI cables run from the screens to the company’s datacentre where the racked NPX4800 is housed. Two input sources, which are both HDMI extenders, feed into the display. One is used for an Apple TV while the other is for laptops.

The rest of the content is run directly off the main NPX4800. Timico is mainly using scripted HTA files to display the content in Windows screens on the videowall and can automatically login and navigate to the correct webpage.

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