Theatre ushers in 152nd season with impressive light show

Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu celebrated the opening of its 152nd season with a gala event that featured lighting design created by Tõnis Järs and using Robe moving lights.

The event in the city’s main square included ballet, opera, an orchestral concert and a collaboration between the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra and Estonian electro-pop artist, NOËP, (Andres Kõpper).

Twenty-two Robe Pointes, eight Spiiders, fourteen LEDBeam 150s, eight LEDWash 1200s, twelve LEDWash 800s, four 600E Spots and four LEDWash 600s were deployed. Järs programmed and operated the one-night show using an MQ80 console.

A front, two rear and two side lighting trusses were filled with the moving lights, with a few fixtures on the deck for additional dynamics.

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