TeamViewer announces AR partnership with Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric Europe Polish Branch, has entered into a partnership with TeamViewer, to roll out its AR software in its offices across Central and Eastern Europe.

The AR-based remote support from TeamViewer will be used in Mitsubishi’s growing business unit of industrial automation covering products such as industrial control systems, drives and robots.

In interaction with customers, which include manufacturers from the food, aerospace and automotive industries, TeamViewer’s AR software will enhance the support experience and improve repair processes. 

The software runs on mobile devices and wearables and can remotely help solve complex problems through a shared video and AR markers.

The main benefit for Mitsubishi Electric’s customers is the reduction of downtime of business-critical factory equipment - as AR-powered remote training and guidance empowers customers to tackle problems on the spot.

For Mitsubishi Electric, the new process involving TeamViewer’s AR-backed solution means increased efficiency as it reduces the need to have field technicians travelling to the remote equipment to fix it. 

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