Tannoy rescues acoustics in ancient ballroom

An ancient ballroom in Wiener Neustadt, 30 miles south of Vienna, has overhauled acoustics as part of wider renovations. Austrian AV distributor MOCOM supplied a solution that comprises products from Tannoy’s QFlex series.

The classical ballroom is housed in a 350 year old building that began life in the 17th century as a church and then later home to the Mayor’s Office following a long stint as a factory for most of the 19th century. The building was then acquired for use by a local bank and had a grand opening in 1898 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef I.

Since then it has remained in the hands of the financial institutions with numerous renovations and a number of sound systems for the ballroom space having come and gone over the years.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the bank, the owner, Sparkasse Wiener Neustadt, sought to address the problematic acoustics once more as part of a new phase of renovation and Austrian AV distributor, Mocom was called in to demonstrate Tannoy’s QFlex.

Alfons, the integrator, installed a pair of QFlex 32 towards the front of the space, one of each side of the small stage area, and a pair of QFlex 24 at the other end of the space. This audio was put to the test with the opening event after the renovation. The 150th anniversary party was hailed as a success. Speeches from bank directors and local politicians could be heard perfectly across the crowded room.

In addition to the four QFlex arrays, a pair of Tannoy IW4 TDC in-wall loudspeakers were installed into the stage front providing near-field coverage to the fore of stage area, as well as a pair of TS 801 subwoofers for additional low end reinforcement on specific occasions only when required. Signal routing is handled by a single Biamp Nexia and RED-1 controller along with a selection of wired and wireless microphones with option to route audio in from an external mixer for larger events.

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