Swiss school ramps up sound in auditorium

At the Kantonsschule in Wetzikon, Switzerland, Nexo’s EtherSound-ready NXAMP 4x1 amplifiers work within a networked audio system that is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface while offering complex functionality.

The Kantonsschule Wetzikon, a state college for higher education, has recently seen an extensive audiovisual refurbishment in its auditorium, and the installation of an audio system comprised of Nexo and Yamaha components. The auditorium is a multi-purpose venue, hosting meetings and presentations, theatrical productions and orchestral concerts, so the demands placed on the new sound reinforcement system were heavy. In addition, the theatre is protected under historic building regulations, so the installation of equipment had to be visually appealing.

The installer, ZAP Audio proposed an all-purpose system centred on Nexo’s compact GEO S1230 two-way enclosures. Offering exceptional MF-LF output, two of these modules have been flown either side of the stage, supplemented by a Nexo RS15 subwoofer and two Nexo PS8 cabinets as rear FX speakers. These loudspeakers are all driven by a pair of Nexo’s NXAMP 4x1 units, powered TDControllers equipped with ES-104 EtherSound cards. The NXAMPs combine the functions of amplifier and system controller, thus saving the expense of buying a processor as well as an amplifier, and reducing the number of analogue-to-digital conversions required by discrete units.

To create a complete digital audio network, stage-side, four Yamaha DME satellites handle the 24 inputs and 8 outputs, and make it possible to send the signal over Ethernet to the Yamaha Matrix DME24 and the LS9-32 mixing console at front-of-house.

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