Stadium overhauls with EV and Dynacord

AUTHOR: Inavate

The Stade Sèbastien Charlèty, a stadium located south of Paris, has overhauled its 20,000 seat facility choosing a sound installation based around Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound systems.

Located in the south of Paris, the Stade Sébastien Charléty is an arena with a long history: since 1939, the 20,000-seater stadium has hosted a wide variety of sporting events. The Stade Sébastien Charléty won the Prix de l’Équerre d'Argent for outstanding architectural merit.

Last year, the stadium management embarked upon a series of major renovations. As well as an architectural facelift, they were keen for the stadium to receive a powerful sound reinforcement system capable of satisfying a wide variety of tasks. The invitation to tender was won by the Clichy-based company INEO GDF Suez with an Electro-Voice and Dynacord -based installation concept.

The solution for the stadium comprised 49 loudspeakers from the Sx600PIX series, twelve EVID C4.2 D ceiling loudspeakers and 100 Dynacord DL 800/10T loudspeakers with compression drivers.

The enclosures are driven by eleven CPS 4.10 and five CPS 4.5 power amplifiers from Electro-Voice. The devices are remotely controlled and supervised via RCM-810 remote control modules and can deliver 500 or 1,000 watts per channel as required into the nominal impedances of the various loudspeaker systems connected. The network-capable Electro-Voice NetMax N8000-1500 digital matrix with FIR-Drive is used in numerous fixed installations as well as high-calibre concert sound productions, offers stadium operators control and supervision of the entire pro audio installation.

The stadium's control centre is equipped with a Promatrix 4000 system from Dynacord to provide evacuation instructions and sound the alarm in case of emergency. This system boasts a power amplifier output of 4,000 watts as well as 30 loudspeaker lines and six paging stations. The redundant connection to the sub-master station is also responsible for pro audio applications.