St Mary’s Kilburn overhauls AV

A London church has implemented a modern audiovisual solution that boasts a bespoke LCD rear projection glass screen that can become transparent at the touch of a button. Cunnings Recording Associates handled the installation, which was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

In order to not obstruct an ornate stained glass window Cunnings implemented an LCD rear projection glass screen, which can be made transparent at the touch of a button. The NEC projector was positioned to ensure it did not cover any of the imagery on the window and the screen angle adjusted for optimum visual clarity. St Mary's existing NEC 50" Plasma Screens were installed in the side aisles, allowing the entire congregation to see the projected images.

Cunnings opted for Kramer’s VP 728 switcher scaler and TP114 CAT5 distribution hardware.

The audio system at St Mary’s Kilburn was designed to be unobtrusive and provide a natural sound. The system is based around the Yamaha DME24N hardware providing an operator free sound system solution. Discrete Tannoy column loudspeakers provide sound coverage throughout the church, two positioned on the chancel arch covering the entire nave and one smaller column in each side aisle, time aligned to suit their respective positions. Discreet headworn TOA radio mics and Audio-Technica gooseneck microphones were provided.

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