SpinetiX Live Agent Solution for High-value Customer Relationships

Imagine a world where digital signage displays serve as a collaborative platform engaging with customers through real-time video calls. SpinetiX has figured this out with their integrated solution. The SpinetiX Live Agent solution provides a powerful on-site collaboration and communications platform designed to optimize staff resources, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences.

It is a highly integrated interactive offer that in its most basic form features a digital display combined with a SpinetiX HMP400 player, a webcam, and internet connectivity using webRTC to make video calls. The SpinetiX Live agent’s unique selling point is that it offers all that in combination with a centralized digital signage communications channel that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the setup.  

This helps store owners, banks, and virtually any other customer-facing business remain efficient while engaging in real-time customer conversations and, at the same time, provide dynamic customer-centric communication from anywhere.  

Bringing Benefits Across Multiple Industry Sectors 

The SpinetiX Live Agent solution is designed to bring benefits across multiple industry sectors, including retail, transportation, banking, healthcare, and more.  

Shared advantages step on the SpinetiX Live Agent’s ability to serve as both a powerful communication and a collaboration tool and include: 

  • Reducing the cost of on-site interactions with customers, guests, and staff 
  • Providing personalized client service, support, and advice in real-time remotely 
  • Using opportunities for visual promotion or advertising when live agent function is not in use 
  • Enhancing on-site customer experience  
  • Efficiently covering large flows of people 
  • Promoting efficient distribution of staff and optimal staff-to-customer ratios 
  • Managing all screens remotely from a centralized location 

In addition, the SpinetiX Live Agent solution is fit for any organization size as it is designed to scale, allowing deployments from 1 to easily thousands of displays. Discover more 

How Does it Work? 

The SpinetiX Live Agent is an end-to-end integrated solution that combines elements of the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution and steps on third party technology featuring WebRTC.  

The solution features the HMP400 player. Engineered in Switzerland and made in Germany, it is a robust digital signage player from SpinetiX that allows for unlimited flexibility of integration. 

Screen content is created, deployed, and managed using the powerful Elementi Digital Signage Software, or optionally, the flexible SpinetiX ARYA CloudThis allows for a choice between three different deployment scenarios: on-premise, cloud, and hybrid. 

The live video-call function of the SpinetiX Live Agent solution works with any WebRTC-based video-call service such as the one provided by RichCall, among many others. Finally, third-party elements such as any touchscreen, camera, and other interactivity agents such as sensors are used, based on the end-client’s requirements, ensuring seamless user experience and a highly integrated reliable solution.  

Discover more about the SpinetiX Live Agent solution at: spinetix.com/live-agent  







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