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Chris Fitzsimmons reports on a new visitor experience centre in the Cannakale Kabatepe national park in Turkey, which commemorates the Gallipoli campaign of WW I, with the help of the latest audiovisual technologies.

The Gallipoli campaign of the First World War was noted by the Allies as a major reversal, but having little lasting impact in the bigger picture. However, for the Ottoman-Turks it marked the beginning of a story that would ultimately see the rise of a historic figure and the creation of the modern Turkish republic.

The Cannakale legend demonstration centre in Turkey was born out of a desire to tell the story of such a significant historical event, and leave visitors with a lasting impression of the sacrifices made on all sides in a brutal campaign. 

The 11 room exhibit includes 3D projection, several moving platform rides and 4D experiences as well as some of the largest Pepper’s ghost illusions ever made. Read on to see how integrator Benart and its partners made use of the latest projection from projectiondesign and Christie as well as extensive use of Coolux’s suite of video content processing and management solutions to deliver a truly immersive tribute to one of the Great War’s most significant theatres. 

The full article is available in the April edition of InAVate’s Active Magazine HERE.

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