Sound for the Neighbourhood

An Auckland music bar has opened its doors, featuring an audio system based around an Allen & Heath audio distribution system. The install comprises an iDR-4 digital mixing processor with PL controllers for easy system control, and a Mark Audio speaker system.

Located in Auckland’s popular Kingsland suburb, Neighbourhood is owned by New Zealand brewers, Macs. Installed by Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting, iDR manages audio distribution to various areas in the bar as well as to an outdoor area.

The bar mainly plays mp3 music during the weekdays but on the weekend a DJ plugs into a custom-designed outlet plate connected to the iDR, which is configured with different EQ settings for the DJ, and parameters for hard-limiting and compression on each speaker feed. Jansen used a custom serial data string function on the iDR to control video switching for the DJ’s accompanying visual footage via a Creator AV0808 matrix switcher.

The PL10 8-rotary control remote panel manages both source selection and output levels in all zones, and also controls the level of each of the sub speakers, whilst the PL-4 wall plate provides localised control of source selection and output level in the immediate bar area.

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