Sotherby’s makes itself heard with Genelec

Genelec’s 8030A 2-way loudspeakers have been installed at Bagna Cauda, a brasserie at Sotherby’s in Amsterdam. Audio dealer, Knokki Audio Technologies installed the 8030 in white to match the interior design of the restaurant.

Sotheby's Amsterdam is located in the heart of a prosperous business district in the southern part of Amsterdam. It boasts four large galleries, for exhibitions and sales, as well as the Bagna Cauda restaurant. Knokki Audio Technologies - in partnership with independent audio consultant, Wieger Fransen, and Bert Koenders of Lemke Roos Audio - designed an audio installation featuring the 8030A.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the Genelec speakers,” said Sarriel Taus, the owner of Bagna Cauda. “Both the sound quality and the design of the speakers fits perfectly into the interior of the restaurant. We are open for breakfast, lunch, business drinks and dinner, catering from 25 to up to 250 people. The speaker system is versatile enough to respond to each of these scenarios with great results.”

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