Smart working at Tecno headquarters, Italy

Industrial furniture specialist Tecno now has the discrete, interactive technology to match the modern craftsmanship of its offerings thanks to local integrator Videoworks. Charlotte Ashley reports.

Tecno is an international company that distinguishes itself on the engineering and technological innovation of its designs for the modern workspace. The company has operated for more than 60 years and recently required an AV upgrade to reinforce its philosophy at its Milan headquarters. Two years in the making, the manufacturer’s ethos of the “discrete elegance of technology” has come to life thanks to the collaboration between Ancona-based integrator Videoworks, TIM, STMicroelectronics,, Ilevia, InfoSolution and study Gtp to introduce a comprehensive IoT furniture system.

A  long-term  partner  of  Tecno,  Videoworks was  tasked  with  researching  and  delivering an  integrated  system  for  meeting  room  and presentation  spaces, equipped for videoconferencing  and content  sharing,  and  most critically, making  technologies invisible to the eye. “This project was a very unique and ambitious project.  Many components of the project had to be invisible and had to be placed into small spaces in order to communicate with one another,” says Juri Tartaglini, system engineer at Videoworks.

“Our biggest challenge was placing the monitor into a glass wall that was only 55mm thick.”

“Our biggest challenge was placing the monitor into a glass wall that was only 55mm thick.” The touch displays offers a brightness of 700cd/m2, and are suitable for 24-hour operation.  It is accompanied by a HD webcam providing a 78-degree field of view and high-level optics with autofocus. Touch screens running room booking software are also deployed outside rooms. Antelio glass used in the glass partitioning (devised by Tecno itself) in the office ensures all equipment is concealed when not in use by staff, incorporating an acoustic diffuser invisible to the eye that transforms the material into an acoustic surface.

workers looking at display in meeting room at techno office, italyThe wider system of interconnected furniture throughout office and meeting rooms is designed to  enable Tecno to recognise  user  preferences, while  collecting,  analysing  and  providing  data for  the  improvement  of  their  well-being  from activity in the building. From the moment users are  authenticated via their personal  ID  card information on the access of different equipment and  functionality, hours  worked,  meetings attended  and  the  reservation  of  workstations and  meeting  rooms  is  logged  –  managed  by the company’s internal IT team. The interaction between objects, contexts and employees is analysed to help improve  efficiency,  safety, energy consumption and environmental comfort in the building. “Besides improving the quality of the individual’s work, these functionalities allow a detailed management of data collected by the manager and the optimisation of the maintenance costs of the building,” says Tartaglini.

As Tecno collect more data from the project, Videoworks are working on implementing the second stage of the project. This involves developing prototype solutions that can contain all the control electronic devices used in project.



ICEpower 125ASX2 amplifier module

K-array Vyper KV50 line array speaker

Logitech C925e HD webcam

Revolabs dual channel wireless receiver & HD omni-directional wireless boundary

Samsung 55-in LED monitor

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