Smart-e at sea

Audiovisual switching and distribution company, Smart-e Limited, has designed and manufactured smartwave, a matrix specifically designed for leisure yachts, commercial shipping and subsea vehicles. The matrix which is available in a wide range of sizes, provides multi-screen live broadcast, entertainment and messaging facilities and can even be used to enhance the viewing of navigational information.

Three of the marine-specific Smart-e systems have already been installed on Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) that search the world’s ocean floors checking for breaks or weaknesses in submerged utility pipe lines. AV solution company MadNat recommended the Smart-e system to subsea construction and maintenance company Canyon Offshore, when they were seeking a system for their fleet of vessels.

The matrix distributes live content filmed by the ROV which is transmitted to 18 screens located on the main ship - the live broadcast gives the Canyon Offshore engineers the opportunity to direct the ROV to focus in on any areas of concern. Mike Lewis, managing director at MadNat said: “The Smart-e equipment is ideal for this application as it gives us pretty much a one-stop capability ie. fantastic images and sound and a camera control operation too. It is resilient enough to withstand the rough conditions experienced at sea and is extremely reliable - both essential when the next visit to port could be several weeks away. Running cable on a ship can be tricky due to space restrictions. However, the Smart-e equipment uses just one cable to transmit and receive all signals, this is extremely advantageous both during installation and for saving space on board”.

Robust non-corrosive components are built to withstand prolonged exposure to a salt-laden atmosphere and to function in damp environments, whilst also withstanding the shock and vibration from boat engines and sea motion. In-line power ensures the system is kinder to the environment and highly reliable. The multi-format video function provides a single solution to all AV sources, including CCTV security. The matrix transmits via CAT 5, 5e, 6, 7 and 8 structured cabling, and accepts multiple input signals (RGBHV, YPrPb), RGBS, Y/C, CVBS).

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