Smart AV becomes 4Wall UK and extends capabilities

Smart AV, a UK-based AV and virtual events provider, will now be trading as 4Wall UK, after being acquired by the US global lighting, video & rigging company 4Wall Entertainment in March 2020.

4Wall UK will now consist of two locations: Blackburn, formerly HSL, and London, formerly Smart AV. Both offices will service clients with video, lighting and rigging equipment, as well as virtual event systems for events, exhibitions, retail, concerts & touring, theatre, TV and film, virtual events and more.

Smart AV’s people, service and equipment will remain an integral part of 4Wall UK, supporting its clients with over 40,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, showroom facilities and demo area just 30 minutes from London, as well as an extended reality studio at Royal Lancaster London. All in addition to 4Wall UK’s existing 165,000 sq. ft. space in Blackburn, which includes an extensive lighting fleet, expert project managers and technicians, large prep areas, training facilities, WYSIWIG suites and more.

4Wall UK will operate as a one-stop video, lighting and rigging provider and will serve as a a launch point for the 4Wall brand in greater Europe, creating an extensive network of 13 global offices. 

Founder and former CEO of Smart AV, Darren Poultney will continue working at 4Wall UK as director of global client strategy with a role building client relationships in the UK and globally. Ryan Walker will also remain at 4Wall UK as MD, and will continue to grow and lead the company in the UK.

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