Signage rolled out at BI Management School

AUTHOR: Inavate

The BI Norwegian School of Management, one of Europe’s largest business schools, has launched a digital signage network spanning all five of its campuses. Working with Scala and YIT Building Systems, a Scala Certified Partner based in Oslo, the school installed a 38-screen network that broadcasts important news and information to students, staff and visiting campus groups.

The Oslo campus features 25 of the screens, seven of which are controlled by student organisations. The screens display different content at individual locations across the campuses, including:
  • Entrance areas: Messages welcoming visitors to BI and showing daily information
  • High-traffic areas: Where students and crowds tend to gather, the network displays national and global news, financial information, weather, BI-specific news, exam information, and notices about special lectures, job vacancies, activities and important IT information.
  • Library: Screens inform visitors of operating hours, new materials and information about training classes.
  • IT Department: Screens at the Helpdesk alert viewers about training classes.
  • Student Administration: Select screens display important student information, including details about exams, deadlines and office hours.

BI already has received positive feedback about the digital displays. After using the network to communicate information about its “Career and Recruiting Service” campaign, BI measured a dramatic increase in the number of students who registered via specific Web sites and jobs for which they applied.

“We are really satisfied with Scala Content Manager’s ability to handle different types of content like pictures, messages and videos,” said Stein-Oddvar Evensen, communication consultant at BI. “Now that we’ve used Scala for a while, we feel our experience within digital communications has grown tremendously. We are currently looking into new ways to automate the content, which will allow us more time to produce better information campaigns with clearer messages and dynamic effects.”