Signage for the Ministry

The Ministry for Science and Innovation (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) has implemented a digital signage solution for its communications and to update it reception area. RPS Audiovisuales installed a Onelan Net-Top-Box (NTB) Millenium 5500.

The Ministry wanted to provide a more interactive service and did not wish to use printed brochures alone to achieve this. By installing a six screen video wall with a movement sensor, visitors are able to see relevant information without necessarily having to ask employees on reception.

In addition the Ministry wanted to make the results of some recently published research easily accessible to visitors. Onelan digital signage with interactive touch screens was installed to allow visitors to easily find information relating to particular projects they are interested in.

The Ministry also wanted to entertain visitors while they waited in reception, and so two 52” screens were placed in the reception area. The panels show Ministry information and videos, in addition to some advertising and local news. This ensures visitors are both entertained and informed.

Finally, the introduction of Onelan’s digital signage has reduced the requirement for a large amount of printed information and brochures, and has also resulted in staff efficiencies.

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