Senate of Mexico gets new home

The Senate of Mexico is using screens from Arthur Holm in its new building. The products, within 128 desks, can be hidden inside furniture when not in use.

The building, already considered by National Geographic as a “megastructure”, uses Arthur Holm screens that can be hidden inside furniture when not in use.

Each of the 128 desks is equipped with a PC and an Arthur Holm screen that appears and disappears inside the furniture by pushing a button. Each desk has wireless and also an internal network. The seats slides front and back and can also be reclined.

The Electronic voting system is projected on a big central screen, and when the results are not visible, the national Mexican flag is shown.

The desktop cover plate supplied by Arthur Holm was designed to integrate a voting system, finger print reader, the USB ports, speaker and microphone.

Arthur Holm designed and developed a customised solution for the Mexican Senate. The monitor is a 12” with XGA resolution and touch screen and provides a 20 degrees tilt when in working position.

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