Samsung builds virtual production studio with The Wall display

Samsung has announced a partnership with entertainment and media group CJ ENM to build a virtual production studio for big budget virtual productions.

Samsung’s The Wall LED display technology will be used, with Samsung’s 2021 model of the display to be installed in an oval shape with a diameter of 20 metres and a height of seven metres. This custom setup will create a realistic, endless-looking backdrop for virtual productions.

This installation marks the first example of Samsung’s The Wall’s use in a virtual production studio environment. The virtual production studio will use LED displays and connected cameras to create virtual settings in real-time, allowing CJ ENM  to reduce image compositing and on-location production costs while also enabling filmmakers to see the camera on the live-action set in any direction.

Samsung builds virtual production studio with The Wall display

Virtual production studios are seeing an increase in usage for high budget productions, with some productions such as Disney’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian opting to use virtual sets instead of traditional green screen technologies. 

Ho-sung Kang, CEO, CJ ENM, explained: “Combining CJ ENM’s globally recognised content production of television series and films and Samsung’s cutting-edge Micro LED technology, this partnership will allow CJ ENM to push forward the creation of a new powerhouse of the next-generation content. 

“While CJ ENM is investing $4.4 billion over the next five years in entertainment content, we are taking the lead in building a global No. 1 production studio to become a world leading entertainment company.”

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