SA church opts for QSC replacement sound system

Potters House Church in Bloemfontein, South Africa, has improved sound with a QSC’s active K Series PA system. The K Series is used to reproduce speech from preachers as well as live music.

The church is one of 2500 Potters House Christian Pentecostal Churches which have been established across the world over the past 40 years.

Senior pastor at Bloemfontein, David Kennedy, decided to replace his existing system when a friend offered to buy the previously installed rig (including sub).

“I wrapped up the deal and ran to Toms [QSC’s South African distributor] to buy my new K12's. As soon as I had installed them the difference was like night and day; even people untrained, or unobservant of such things, could tell immediately the difference in quality.”

Nico Greyling, who looks after the Bloemfontein branch of Toms Sound and Music Pty Ltd, introduced Kennedy to the K12’s and said: “I have known David for a few months, and on many occasions we have discussed how he might improve the sound in his church. The fact that his church operates in a huge tent makes it very challenging from an acoustic point of view, unless you truly have a huge budget.

“Although his previous system worked fine, he needed more sound and better quality — without adding more speaker boxes. The first time I heard the K Series I knew we had found something that would work for him, and at a very affordable price for the given performance and specs. And so we demoed it.”

In Bloemfontein, the K Series is tasked with reproducing speech from the preachers during the service, as well as live music — including a band comprising drums, keyboard, bass, and electric guitar. “It just delivers so much better clarity than the previous system, and with the bass boost it provides extra depth, although we will add a KSub at a later stage,” confirms Kennedy.

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