Radio Marconi installs Mode23 in Muscat

Radio Marconi has installed its Mode23 conference system within the Royal Opera House in Muscat. The company installed seat-back technology in all the theatre’s 1,100 seats.

The theatre will be part of a new urban quarter and represents one of the most important cultural venues in the Gulf area. It is designed to rival other international theatre and concert halls. The auditorium is designed to cater for mechanical moving seating wagons, which allow the stage floor to extend further towards the auditorium.

Mode23 integrates audio, video, data, multimedia and congress in a single interactive unit. It allows users to display several areas according to the broadcast video channels already present in the theatre, individual and multilanguage translation of the opera libretto, information, ticket availability, cast and conductors, marketing and sponsor channels, statistics, personal messages, seat identification, download of contents and many other features. Furthermore, Mode23 has been configured to support conference features.

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