QSC in Turin University’s great hall

The University of Torino is one of Italy’s leading Universities with an international reputation for high quality teaching and reasearch. With its 13 faculties, 55 departments and 70,000 students, it is also one of the largest in the country.

Recently the great hall (aula magna del Rettorato) underwent a complete audiovisual fitout at the hands of main contractor Electronic Engineering.

Technical manager Antonio Caprioli said that the requirement was for a system which could produce a wide programme of events, from orchestral recitals to honorary doctorate presentations and conferences.

Rave 520uz and 522aa network devices operating under QSControl.net were specified to control the system, enabling multi-channel audio to be run over CobratNet. In addition, six QSC ISIS I-282H loudspeakers were installed down each side of the room. The system is powered by three QSC RMX 4050HD amplifiers.

On the video front, the hall is served by an electronic drop-down screen above the main stage and a number of plasma repeater screens, which are located throughout the room. The system also includes video conferencing facilities, and signals are switched via an Extron AV matrix.

Summarising, Antonio Caprioli, The University’s technical manager said: “The sound is a good deal superior to what we had previously, with a high degree of intelligibility. The fact that we have two scene presets gives us further flexibility for changing the desk positions.”

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