Prowise counters supply chain shortage with in-house developments

Touchscreen manufacturer Prowise has announced that users will not see any changes “under the hood” of its digiboards despite some parts potentially requiring replacement due to continuing global shortages.

Changes to the physical hardware of Prowise’s products should not cause any noticeable differences for customers, due to Prowise writing its software and firmware for its touchscreens in house. Global supply changes have suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, slowing the production of raw materials and driving a scarcity of chips and other technological components around the globe. 

Hans Ahrens, product director, Prowise, explained: “Due to the global shortage, we may have to replace certain components on the motherboard of our touchscreens. Such a hardware change logically also affects the firmware and software of the display. We always make sure that teachers and pupils do not notice any changes 'under the hood'. Because we develop the software and firmware entirely in-house, we can respond quickly to changes and guarantee stability to our end users.”

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