Prolight + Sound 2021 to go virtual due to continuing travel restrictions

The organisers of the Prolight + Sound 2021 exhibition, due to be held in April in Frankfurt have announced the show will now be virtual only.

In a statement posted on the event's website, it says; "We all hoped until the very end to meet again in Frankfurt in April. Together we dedicated ourselves to reinvigorate the industry, find ways out of the crisis and inspire each other to restart the event business. However, we also know how important it is, especially in these times, to establish the best possible degree of planning reliability.

"Currently we are facing a de facto ban on events in Germany - in addition to serious travel restrictions. There is no relief in sight at the moment. Hence, in close consultation with the industry, we have decided to focus on 2022. So there will be no Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt am Main in 2021."

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