Proel does Hakka World Park

The Hakka World Park in the province of Guangdong, China is a massive development devoted to research, education, culture, leisure, vacation and tourism. The multifunction village was authorised by the People’s Municipal Government and includes Proel audio systems in several facilities.

Located in the Meijiang area, Meizhou's Hakka World Park stretches over 2,000-hectares. The park is an important element of a five-year plan for the creation of a new social context – Hakka, world culture village in Meizhou. The final aim is to increase citizens' welfare through the tourist industry.

Suremax, Proel’s distributor in China, is involved in the project and has installed Proel audio systems in several facilities in the village. The 3D movie theater hosts three NEOS152P loudspeakers, a ring of 12 EDGE25PB loudspeakers and two EDGE121SP subwoofers driven by three HPD3000 amplifiers and four HPD3400PFC amplifiers.

The conference centre multifunction hall of the hotel features eight EDGE25PB and two NEOS215SP loudspeakers driven by one HPD3400PFC and HPD2000 amplifiers. The conference hall audio is guaranteed by four EDGE8CXPW and eight SPARK65CX loudspeakers. Finally the club features four NEOS10P loudspeakers.

The park was built in three phases and, thanks to huge investments and nonstop work, the first part was completed in time for the date set for the official opening.

The choice for the civil engineering and the construction company was guided by very high professional criteria and the Chinese Urban Architecture Research & Design Institute was involved in planning and designing the site.

Hakka World Park offers many different kinds of attractions among which is the largest azalea garden in Asia, which hosts thousands of different varieties. Its first museum is devoted to popular traditions and culture. It also houses a typical Hakka Palace, a concert arena, Hakka Mountain, Hakka Celebrities Museum, the Five Continent Holy Tree, the Buddhist monasteries (Mu Lian Temple, Bai Zi Abbey, Gao Kwanyin, Wan FO Tower), a panoramic botanical garden and Hakka Plantarum Generalis.

The park also hosts a five-star hotel and an International Conference Centre, Water City, Kids' World, the Olympic village, some exotic villas and a square.

On the cultural side, the park is the seat of several research centers - Folk Song; Folklore; Cultural Relics; Agriculture - of the Chinese Medicinal Plants Center and of an educational centre (with a kindergarten and Chinese-English schools).

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