Proel backs up music and motors sports

‘The Music Weekend’ event in Zevenbergen, the Netherlands, turned to audio company Dekker Sound for Proel’s Axiom and Edge systems. The setup consisted of 12 tops and eight 15” low boxes per side together with 21” subs for the low-end rumble.

The event incorporated music and motor sport activities, featuring artists such as Jan Smit, de 3 J’s, Jannes, Peter Beense, Marco Canters.

The six 21” subs were placed in packs of three pairs spread in front of the stage to provide a constant coverage across the listening area. The system was controlled by two Proel DSO480 4in / 8out processors.

Despite the compact size, the 35kW RMS system more than handled the audio requirements for the event with clean, clear and constant sound quality.

Equipment used:
- 24 x Proel AX2265P compact curvilinear Mid / High boxes (Highly efficient double 6,5” and 1”)
- 12 x Proel AX1115SP compact Low frequency boxes (High Power 15”)
- 6 x Proel EDGE121SP Sub (High Power 21”)
- 2 x Proel DSO480 Digital System Optimisers

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