Peugeot puts on a show with Daktronics

Car manufacturers from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany recently to unveil their newest production and concept cars at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Peugeot selected audiovisual rental company, VPS, to help it unveil a new hybrid technology with a visually striking backdrop featuring a Daktronics high-resolution, six millimetre modular video display.

"VPS has proudly been partnering with Peugeot at the Frankfurt Motor Show for a number of years," said Jo Alet, of VPS. "We are especially pleased with the visual quality of the new Daktronics LED display and how it enhanced the booth’s overall appearance at this year’s show."

The video display incorporated twelve Daktronics PST-6i-b modular LED video panels and provided onlookers with stills, graphics and video content highlighting Peugeot.

“We are honoured to have been selected by Peugeot to provide Daktronics latest high-contrast, high-resolution video solution at the world’s largest international auto show,” said Alain Castelbou, international sales representative of Daktronics. “The product’s jet-black display face provides stunning image detail and deep colours, while offering an ultra-quiet solution for premier events like the Frankfurt Motor Show.”

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