Paris Match

Paris's iconic Stade de France serves as the country's sporting epicentre, hosting events as diverse as rugby and athletics. It has recently received the first upgrade to its audio system since it opened in 1998, at the hands of French systems house Melpomen.

What started out life as an upgrade to Stade de France’s main arena sound system, has turned into a full audio refit, as system integrator Melpomen sold the benefits of a new life safety infrastructure.

In the initial stages Melpomen was tendering to replace the ten year old arena sound system with a modern, digital solution running on an EtherSound network. Part of the requirement from the stadium operator was for the new system to interface successfully with the existing TOA life safety solution. Sylvain Brottes, general manager of Melpomen: “We said, sure, we can do this, but if you will allow us to replace all the matrixes in the security system, we can make a big improvement to the overall functionality. We proposed that we would install Ateis’s IDA8 network-able PA/VA units, and keep the existing amplification and loudspeaker inventory.”

Find out how the project panned out by reading the full article in our April edition of InAVate’s ActiveMagazine.

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