Panasonic hits jackpot with signage rollout

The Spanish national lottery, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE), has turned to Panasonic to supply 3,000 plasma screens for a 6,500 screen digital signage network. The network was implemented by system integrator Sistemas Técnicos de Loterías (STL) and generates revenue via the sale of looped advertising slots of 240 seconds.

Canal LAE broadcasts results, information on new lottery games and special prizes, alongside advertisements from third parties throughout its lottery sales units. Initially 3,000 plasma displays were installed in early 2008, the integrated ETX-1312C1000 PC enables networked real time content management control from a central LAE office. A further 750 TH-42PH11EK plasma displays with the same PC functionality have just finished being installed in the latest phase.

In-store advertising has been taken up by brands such as Movistar, Fiat Co and AirEuropa; including campaigns managed by new channel specialist, Neomedia. Canal LAE can support a variety of formats from text to flash to video. The network offers the flexibility to tailor the content to differing factors such as location or time.

STL is also able implement ONDALAE sound over the network, this bespoke system allows audio to be managed remotely from LAE’s offices to each point of sale display.

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