Opulent hotel opts for luxury sound

A Livorno hotel, Grand Hotel Palazzo has installed a Yamaha DME24N-controlled CobraNet audio network as part of recent refurbishment to the 19th century building. The system was designed and installed by Benedetti Delta Service.

The DME24N manages the distribution of background music throughout the hotel via the CobraNet network and Yamaha MY16-CII interfaces. DME4i/o-C satellite terminals then carry the audio signals to the amplifiers and loudspeakers, allowing for a highly controllable, zoned system.

Event lists are programmed into the DME24N to manage content and different day and night volume levels, controlled by an intuitive user panel.

The 200 capacity Salone Feste conference room features a 16 channel Yamaha LS9-16 mixing console, to ensure that any kind of corporate or entertainment presentation has the best quality sound.

“Optimum sound quality and flexibility were the most important factors in the refurbished
hotel’s new audio system,” said Sandro Chinellato, commercial audio application engineer at Yamaha Musica Italia.

“The DME24N-based system is very easy to control, but offers many options depending on what is most appropriate at any given time.

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