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Mitsubishi integration partner Granit Center has installed two DLP cube video walls in a new facility opened by Moscow’s central prefecture. A total of ten of the company’s 67” SXGA+ units were installed in this InAVation Awards 2010 winning project.

The Mayor of Moscow is currently engaged in a personal project to improve the availability of municipal services to its businesses and citizens. The so-called “One Window Service” is intended to provide a single point of access to the inhabitants of the city should they require advice or information on matters such as city development or property sales.

The first phase of this was to open a new building in Moscow’s central district, to serve its 600,000 inhabitants, with a view to opening centres in all of Moscow’s ten prefectures over the coming years.

The four-story building includes a ground floor citizens’ advice bureau including a full digital signage network for visitor information. The network is made up of Mitsubishi 46” LCD panels and is driven by C-Nario software.

The second floor is known as the Expo zone. It provides a space where people can learn about proposed developments in Moscow. There is a central mock up of the city, and a number of surrounding LCD displays showing 3D models of what the developments will look like. Building are being demolished and roads altered at a great rate, so it allows business and citizens alike the ability to keep track of changes.

The third floor contains the first of two video walls. It is similar in concept to the ground floor, but for businesses rather than private citizens. The third floor also acts as an auction hall and trade floor. In the case of auctions or contract tenders bidding companies can attend to take part. A two-by-two video wall of Mitsubishi 67PH cubes was installed to display information about the sale, illustrate the area of any real estate that may be involved or demonstrate any future developments.

There is also a Tandberg videoconference system installed. This is used either to connect with the government tender committee, the official department responsible for public projects, or to allow participation by parties outside of Moscow. Tandberg microphones installed in the ceiling allow the system to pick up discussion from the hall for the benefit of remote participants.

The fourth floor is given over entirely to the administration of the prefecture. It’s main purpose is as a situation centre. For example, in the event of an organised march in the city roads need to be closed, transport redirected and possibly schools shut too. All of this activity is co-ordinated from the situation room.

The room is dominated by a three by two array of Mitsubishi 67PH cubes, which are controlled by a VCX3000 wall processor. The wall is remotely controlled by a team of technicians located in an adjoining booth. In advance of any meeting or proceedings, the technicians design a layout for the display incorporating all the necessary information on the wall. These could include TV news information, feeds from security cameras around the prefecture or geo imagery and maps.

To facilitate the control and layout of the wall Granit Center installed a 56” Mitsubishi QFHD display. This is particularly convenient as its native resolution is similar to that of the three by two wall.

“The system we and our partner Granit Center have installed here has been accepted as a blue print for future developments in the On Window Service project. It has provided a really flexible command and control solution to the central prefecture,” said Michael Nevzerov, Regional Manager for Mitsubishi Electric.

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