On tour with Sweden’s Backyard Babies

A Swedish PA company is using an Allen & Heath iLive digital system for the European tour of rock band, the Backyard Babies. Parashoot EA originally invested in the system to bolster its position in the touring business.

Comprising an iDR-48 MixRack and an iLive-T112 Control Surface, the system has already been employed for various events over Christmas period as well as the Backyard Babies tour.

The Them XX Tour 2010 marks the band’s 20th anniversary. The tour visits Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and Italy, with a full PA touring rig from Parashoot.

"The major reason for using iLive on this tour is the sound quality,” explains Parashoot EA’s Oscar Söderlund. “All the house engineers we have met so far on the tour like the light weight, space-saving size, and ease of use. It’s a great system for touring."

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