Nordex provides Sharp welcome

Nordex SE, a supplier of wind turbine generator systems, has installed a 400cm x 226cm videowall in its Hamburg head office. The feature is situated in the entrance foyer and consists of nine Sharp PN-V601 LCD monitors with a diagonal screen size of 152cm.

The display greets the company’s international clients and partners with film sequences on wind and renewable energies. It also allows the company to show presentation content to large audiences.

“We wanted to use not only hard facts but also impressive images to demonstrate to our visitors how the forces of nature can be effectively harnessed and show that Nordex takes a leading position in the wind energy sector,” said Thomas Richterich, CEO at Nordex SE.

“In our old location, there was just one single flat screen, which was controlled via the server. Such a set-up was no longer a satisfactory solution for the new, spacious reception area.”

Nordex received guidance from Hamburg media technology systems specialist ISS Intelligent Service Solutions in co-operation with conference systems specialist LCD Media. The selected system needed to fulfil two requirements: first of all, the video wall was to be installed in a location exposed to strong light.

Secondly, Nordex representatives wanted a large display surface where the overall, combined image would be interrupted as little as possible by individual monitor frames.

“[The installation has] a motorised, swivelling structure, weighing about one ton, which can swing out into the room up to 60 degrees,“ explains Ole Jensen, the project manager responsible at Intelligent Service Solutions. “This ensures that optimum combined use can be made of the array and the space in the foyer for all occasions.”

The video wall measures about 456cm across and monitors are generally used in combined image mode, alternating between an animated and mood video sequences.

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