Nexo appoints sales manager in Italy

Nexo has announced that Gianni Fantini is taking up the role of sales manager of Nexo Italy. The appointment continues continuity for Nexo’s customers in Italy, as Fantini has been prominently involved with the brand for nearly 20 years.

His early career as a FOH engineer working with Italian and international artists, Fantini went on to start his full-service production company Joint Rent, purchasing Nexo’s GEO T tangent line array in 2005 which opened the door to bigger shows.

“We became a Nexo dealer in 2003, and have been able to achieve some big numbers in the Italian market, with classy installations and big tours.  Today, Joint Rent thrives as a rental house and commercial sales company, representing a wide variety of brands.  As I move on to work with Nexo full-time, I will pass Joint Rent to my son Andrea, making sure it stays in the family for more than 30 years.”

Fantini now takes charge of the Nexo brand in Italy, following in the footsteps of his good friend Sergio Caprara, who sadly passed away last year.  “Here in Italy, the live music market has always seen a lot of Nexo but, looking at the innovative products coming out this year, and the possibilities that can come out of collaboration with Yamaha Italy, I expect us to start enjoying stronger success in the installation sector.

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