New Cracovia stadium opens with Community

Cracovia Stadium, in Kraków, Poland has installed a Community sound system in its new 16,000 capacity facility. The stadium, which incorporates underground parking, restaurants, bars and retail space, was designed by Estudio Lamela and Sener Ingeniera y Sistemas.

Cracovia Stadium is the home ground of Poland's oldest football club. The new stadium is designed by a consortium of Spanish and Polish firms, Estudio Lamela and Sener Ingeniera y Sistemas, construction on the brand new 16,000 capacity facility commenced in July 2009 and incorporates underground parking, restaurants, bars, and retail space. It sits on the site of the former stadium and is the longest running active venue of Poland's premier league, the Ekstraklasa.

In addition to being the home ground of Cracovia Football Club and hosting Ekstraklasa league matches, the facility will be one of the training stadiums for teams in the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Under a section of one of the stands is also a hidden stage, which is revealed when the stadium hosts concerts and other events.

The audio system was designed and installed by Warsaw-based Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J. Within the main stadium, the system consists of nineteen Community WET W2-2W8T for the East, West and North stands. The largest stand in the South uses fourteen 90x40 degree R1-94Z loudspeakers, configured in seven clusters. A further three R1-66Z, this time with a 60x60 pattern, cover three corners of the stands and two R2-474Z cover the playing field. In addition, four Community RSH-462 systems are utilised for the public areas around the stadium.

Dynacord P64s provide the multifunctional matrix with DSP processing. The system has three equipment locations, including the main control room where the sound engineer and commentators are located. From the control room, the signal goes from a Dynacord P64 with CobraNet card to the two amp rooms via fibre-optic cables. Each amp room then contains a further P64 with CobraNet card and the Dynacord multichannel amplifiers used to power the system; two DSA 8805, two DSA 8405 and two DSA 8410. The system also incorporates automatic amp switching in case of failure and IRIS Net software monitors the matrix and every amplifier remotely via a PC in the control room. Also located in the control room, the announcement system includes a Dynacord DPM 4000 Promatrix to allow priority for the police and emergency services.

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