Mumbai cricket academy picks Ateis

India - The Mumbai Cricket Academy (MCA) ahs selected a PAVA and background music system based on Ateis systems. The company has provided equipment covering the squash and badminton courts, as well as the tennis court and accompanying entertainment spaces.

The diverse range of acoustic conditions present, combines with the extremes of weather the MCA experiences made for a particularly challenging system design.
The client required a single central network control panel capable of systematic evacuation, paging, driving different channels of music into different zones and also decentralising selection of music and volume control.
Ateis supplied its SINAPS (IDA) series matrix mixers, which allowed the system to be completely monitored for fault conditions from microphone to loudspeaker, including power supplies.
The system also employs a large selection of Ateis’s loudspeakers, from SM500 weather-proof speakers on party lawn, to JD20T in the cafeteria and MCS column speakers in the high reflective squash and badminton courts.

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