Moscow City Government overhauls citizen services

The Moscow City Government is providing its citizens with a single point from which they can access all government services and turned to Avilex to further that concept with an integrated, centralised AV/IT solution. The resulting project won the 2012 InAVation Award in the Public Sector Facility category.

In 2008 the Russian government embarked on a project that would provide Muscovites with a single point from which to access all governmental services. The Moscow City Governmental Services Office was to be based on a "Single Window" concept and would enable automated information sharing between government agencies. The aim was to reduce the time needed to receive these services and make it easy and convenient for citizens to access them.

More than 15 offices were established between 2008 and 2011 and all were based on the original concept developed at the beginning of the project. But after three years the government needed to alter this concept to ensure it kept providing an efficient and easily accessible service for its citizens.

The City Government began to work with Avilex, an AV and IT integrator and consultant based in Moscow. The idea was to integrate all the existing and new centres into a unified system. These separate assets would be centrally monitored and controlled by the Services Offices operation. With the total number of offices throughout Moscow set to reach 120 a truly scalable solution was required.

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