Mission control

A collaboration between architects ABTB and the Arch Group, system integrators Optima and key suppliers has resulted in a control and monitoring facility truly of the future. The Moscow Electricity Centre was delivered as a turnkey solution and opened in January 2009, reports Chris Fitzsimmons.

Located right in the heart of Russia’s capital, the Moscow Electricity Centre represents both a major investment, and a showcase facility for proud new owner MOESK, the company which operates the Moscow regional electricity grid.

The project to develop the new network control centre was managed by Anton Kyuchkov, project manager at Enera Engineering. He was responsible for liasing between the various contractors, the client and questions relating to the implementation of the solution.

The centre itself is the largest of its kind ever built for the Russian electricity network. Using the latest monitoring and situation assessment software tools, it is responsible for the region’s grid and substation network. This includes 620 100/35 kV substations, and 15,000 6/10 kV substations.

Because there is not video component to the information display – it’s all telemetry and other data feeds, there was no need to go as high on the resolution as might be seen in other control scenarios.

At the heart of the control room, is a 36-unit wall of Barco, 70” XGA resolution cubes, in a 9x4 arrangement. These are controlled by a pair of Barco Transform AX6+A12 wall processors. Two units are employed to provide redundancy.

From one of six operator positions, a dispatcher can react to events on the grid, with the help of the Siemens EMS software. This reports problems to the operator, and suggests possible solutions by modelling their outcomes.

According to Kyuchkov, the most challenging aspect of the project was co-ordinating all the disciplines: “The project was completed to a very tight schedule, and there were more than 10 contractors working on it. We had to make hourly charts for each part of the work for each contractor.

“Things were made easier though by excellent support from our suppliers. I would like to single out Barco, GE and Hewlett-Packard (who supplied all the servers) for their co-operation and help.”

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