Midas joins the circus

On the concert hall tour of André Heller’s circus spectacular “Afrika! Afrika!”, Midas’ PRO6 digital console made its German debut. Sound engineer, Christian Ruppel a PRO6 digital console from Midas and after 50 shows said the product made his job “a whole lot easier”.

He continued: “The PRO6 is a networked audio system. For a production like “Afrika! Afrika!” that has one considerable advantage: it lets me shift signal paths effortlessly from A to B. In large venues that is particularly helpful.”

Another big plus in Ruppel’s view is freely configurable POP groups: “Here it’s just a case of assembling the relevant inputs. For each song, for example, I’ve created a separate POP group composed of all the most important inputs: the bass and snare from the drum set, say, plus the bass, guitar, keyboard and soloists. Then, each time I call up the scene, the relevant faders are directly there on the interface. You no longer need to jump to a particular layer, which simplifies things considerably.”

In addition to the digital advantages, Ruppel says he has rediscovered the classic Midas virtues in the PRO6: “The filters, dynamics and effects are phenomenal, the sound outstanding, the preamps – even if you stray for time to time into the red – completely impervious to overload.”

The decision in favour of the PRO6 was taken at the last minute. “Before making a purchase, we scoured the market and tested all the serious contenders,” recalls Ruppel. “In fact, we had already made a decision when our attention was drawn to a newcomer: the PRO6. At first, I was somewhat sceptical as to whether 16 faders would suffice. Now I know I can nearly always manage with 12, and I know, too, that the PRO6 is far superior to all the other desks we tested.”

The console is compact and therefore takes up very little space: “The organisers, naturally, are delighted because it means that the seating area sacrificed to the FOH position need only be five seats wide. Other desks make a far bigger hole in the auditorium.”

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