MicroTiles in Armani Hotel launch

The Armani Hotel, located at the foot of the Burk Khalifa in Dubai, utilised Christie MicroTiles during the launch of its new open-air event facility, the Armani/Pavilion. Eclipse Staging Services were employed to provide AV support for the opening, which was attended by 650 people.

Eclipse's Richard Scott and Armani's Geraldine Wong produced the event at the pavilion which overlooked the Dubai fountains.

Eclipse used Quest Audio speakers for sound reinforcement and, under the supervision of lighting designer – Frank Schotman, visual elements including intelligent spots and moving LED fixtures, as well as video screens, displaying the opening of the hotel, which was attended by Giorgio Armani.

Two columns of Microtiles were arranged in a 1 x 5 tile high configuration. Paul Foschi supervised the hardware, and Ross Marshall provided content.

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