MicroTiles attract shoppers in Rome

When wristwatch specialist Hausmann & Co opened a new boutique and workshop in Via del Babuino in Rome it ordered 12 Christie MicroTiles to attract customers. Engineering Solutions International, an AV integrator, handled control systems and displays.

The boutique was designed by Paula O 'Neill. AV integration specialist Engineering Solutions International took care of the control systems and displays, and Ar-thema handled the interior.

The store has a total of 12 Christie MicroTiles arranged in two screens of six tiles each that create a display of 244.8 cm x 30.6cm.

Engineering Solutions Andrea De Martino said: “We advise[d] Hausmann to use Christie MicroTiles for this job because this was the only way we were able to create a continuous display in a size that no flat screen displays can offer. Other requirements we had were that the display needed to be able to show images in high definition and it had to be easy to assemble as well as scalable.”

Benedetto Mauro, co-owner of Hausmann & Co, added “The displays were specifically designed to give the store good visibility during the day and also at night. When the sun goes down, the moving images on the displays attracts passers-by and give the store a dynamic feel that is not found in any other store in the surrounding area.”

Christie MicroTiles are part of a digital signage solutions that includes LCD screens located in the windows.

The screens are used to display product information and advertising from brands such as Cartier, Omega and Rolex.

There are no watches in display in the the street windows. The motorised LCD screens show the watches that can be purchased at the store. To have a better look at the real watches, customers need to enter the shop and take a look at the display windows inside.

The store boasts a sound system that is totally invisible to the naked eye. The speakers are integrated to the design of the store and the music can be wirelessly streamed from an iPhone or iPad to achieve the desired ambience.

The entrance of the store also features an audio system which, applied to the glass balustrade, turns it into a speaker.

All lights and audio can be operated from the elegant touch panel units from Basalte, or from a 19” touch screen which controls the interior of the store, its lighting, the audiovisual content and also the video surveillance system.

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