Microsoft Teams to pursue collaborative focus

Microsoft has announced new collaborative features coming to Microsoft Teams, adding new collaboration-centric apps and new features for hybrid workspaces.

The new features, announced at Microsoft’s virtual event, Microsoft Build 2021, include collaborative apps, providing developers to build applications focused on collaboration.

Developers will be able to build apps that enable real-time, multi-user collaboration experiences by enlarging the ‘main stage’ of a Teams Meeting, allowing users to add an app and share it with other attendees for real time collaboration scenarios involving whiteboarding, design, project boards and more.

New meeting event APIs are also available (in preview) to integrate a variety of meeting scenarios. Automation of meeting related workflows can be enabled, such as meeting start/meeting end, and users will soon also be able to create custom scenes for Teams meetings.

These scenes can be shared with others, using a scene designer tool in the developer portal to craft custom scenes and configure where users will appear.

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