Medialon controls the ride

Gröna Lund Amusement Park, located in Stockholm in Sweden, has recently inaugurated two new rides. Kreativ Teknik, a Swedish company that works with lighting, control systems and effects, selected Medialon to be part of the project on the Blå Tåget ride.

The “Blå Tåget” ride already existed but has gone through a total makeover. It is a ghost train that passes through several chambers.

The setting inside the ride was designed by artist Magnus Sörman and the entrance to the ride was designed by artist Joakim Hansén. Kreativ Teknik, a Swedish company, was drafted for the technical making of the ride.

Kreativ Teknik delivered a total solution including lighting, smoke, video projectors, control system, as well as the programming of the entire ride’s special effects.

One Medialon Showmaster Pro embedded show controller controls and synchronises the entire AV system. Medialon controls everything from light and sound to lightnings, smoke-effects, movements of the animatronics and video which are continuously timed and trigged by the exact positions of the train’s chariots.

Medialon Showmaster Pro controls the following equipment:
23x Advantech ADAM I/O Interface, to control the animatronics via pneumatics
1x Sandbox Ether DMX Interface
2x Brightsign Network Video players
2x Projectors
1x Fog screen
1x Smoke machine
1x Strobe
4x Tesla coil flash-generators
1x Gas-flame
112x LED-fixtures of different models and brands
3x dimmers
21x ID-AL Mp3-players